Welcome to Loveland Colorado, the very heart of Northern Colorado geographically and culturally. Whether you're coming for artistic indulgence, outdoor adventures, the romance of America's Sweetheart City, or you're just passing through, you'll find our friendly, hometown atmosphere and central location makes Loveland an ideal place to vacation. With great food, great weather, and so many things to do, you won't want to go home!

Relive the Old West: Be a Cowboy for the Day!

Does Colorado evoke memories of Old Westerns? Cowboys and scenic ranches? Railroads, history, one room schoolhouses? Look no further, Loveland has it all. If you want to indulge in the culture of the old west, here's what we suggest...

Couple's Romantic Weekend Getaway

What better place on earth to spend a romantic couple's weekend, than in LOVEland? Here's a suggested itinerary for bringing your loved one here for a quick weekend getaway.

Arrive Friday afternoon to spend the weekend at one of our local B&B's, famed for their hospitality. Get a taste of the local color and very tasty local food Downtown in the evening, and top the night off with a stroll along the South Shore Parkway, voted repeatedly by locals as the most romantic spot in Loveland.

The Art-Lover's Itinerary

Loveland is a haven for artists and those who appreciate art. Driving around town you'll see many bronze sculptures by local and internationally-acclaimed sculptors, but that's not all. "A City with HeART" is a program sponsored by Engaging Loveland, Inc., which selects artists each year to create a work of art out of a 3 dimensional heart, then places them around town. The city selects artists to paint transformer boxes. Several organizations place art in public places, downtown, the Benson Sculpture Park, and more locations. Here are a few highlights any art-lover should take in while visiting Loveland.

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